Is the English Language a Barrier to Becoming a Lawyer for US Immigrants?


The answer is yes and no.

The vast majority of litigators don’t show up to Court and are working out of law offices. Even litigators who do show up in Court are, in most cases, doing paperwork.

So as far as being able to speak fluent English in the Court, this is only a minority.

On the other hand, the need for command over the English language is a hindrance because whether you’re a litigator or not, you still have to have a good command of English to understand and interpret statutes and regulations that are all in English. Contracts are written in English, and everything in the law revolves around English.

So, I think that one of the reasons why first-generation immigrants don’t practice law is because of the language barrier.

Now you see the second-generation immigrants born here are fluent in English, becoming lawyers.

So it’s great. It’s a positive thing.

Watch me speaking on this topic.

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